11 Reasons to Fall in Love With Rome

A few things have changed since I last visited Rome. This is because the last time I visited Rome was exactly 10 years ago. Back then I was (quite embarrassingly) your typical well-travelled but ungrateful child. Whilst I was lucky enough to have incredible holidays all around the world with my travel-centric Father, back then would have been much more content chasing boys around a swimming pool in Spain than to stare at a bunch of stones older than Christ in Rome.

So thank god I was invited on my latest press trip with Luxury Link, to experience Rome not only as an adult, but also in serious 5* style. After spending 4 days in Rome over Easter, I can quite honestly say I have never been so enchanted by another city in my life. Here are 11 reasons to fall in love with Rome…

Why I fell in love with Rome

Why I fell in love with Rome

1. The People

What is it about the Italians? There is something so charming about their culture and way of life that makes the organised chaos of the city just work. Whether you’re staying in a hostel or a 5* hotel, you can be sure to receive that magic Italian Hospitality that is so passionately present in shops, hotels, restaurants and even from strangers on the street. Italians love tourists and make time to welcome them. You will never feel unwanted in Rome

Our charming tour guide Luca was the perfect charming Italian gent

Our charming tour guide Luca was the perfect charming Italian gent

2. The Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto

The Via Veneto is home to some of the city’s most beautiful hotels, and the luxury-lover in me adored staying the beautiful Grand Hotel Via Veneto Rome. The hotel has only recently been taken over by The Jumeirah group and whilst it goes above and beyond the luxurious standards of the brand, the hotel still maintains its own identity and Art-Deco style. Everything from the food to the spa was absolutely exquisite, and I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Full hotel review coming soon!

The press team Laura, Coco and Marina, with me on the left.

The press team Laura, Coco and Marina, with me on the left.

3. The Food (and Wine!)

Well come on, it wasn’t going to be long til this one came up on the list. Rome is probably most famous city in the world for eating and drinking, and boy did I embrace it. 4 course lunches and 6 course dinners seem to come as standard for the Italians, especially when entertaining a bunch of British Journos & Bloggers. A foodie highlight for me was sharing a few pizzas and Aperol Spritzers in a restaurant just off the Piazza del Popolo, as well as lots of incredible seafood. The flavours are so simple yet SO delicious, and for some reason taste so much better when in Rome


Fresh Bruschetta – simple and amazing!


Artichoke pizza, tasted even better than it looked!

4. The Rustic Charm

Rome has the typical charm of a bustling European city that never sleeps, but has maintained it’s rusting traditions. It is laced with so much history, that a futuristic high-rise would look devastatingly out of place, and the Romans know this. All the decor, buildings and architecture is in keeping with the history, maintaining an old world feel that so many other European cities are loosing.


Old Rome meets new Rome with this building and new Fiat 500, but still maintains the rustic charm

5. The Trevi Fountain

This fountain is quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible to think how much skill and architectural intelligence the Romans had to create something so intricate all those years ago. Unfortunately, like all great sights, it has now become over-run with tourists, and visiting this in the middle of the day is busier than Oxford Street at Christmas. So, during my trip I got up very early and went for run (I’m a freak I know) and found myself the only person in the entire Trevi Fountain Square. If you can manage it, I’d recommend getting up early and doing the same – the running part is optional!

6. The Ancient History

Ok so I know I complained about the ‘stones’ when I was 13 years old, but at that age you can’t really get your head around the mind-blowing history of this city. Back then, a rock was a rock. This time I visited, I could appreciate the history so much more, and was amazed to be standing in the exact same places the Romans walked all those thousands of years ago. I loved taking a trip out into the Rome country side to see the still-standing Roman aqueduct. Even if you don’t have a historically interested bone in your body, you can’t help to be in awe of the stories of this city.


The fascinating Roman Aqueduct can be found just 15 minutes drive outside of Rome.

7. The Layout

Ok, sounds like quite an odd one, but hear me out! Living in London, I am used to everything being so spread out, it was such a refreshing change to find that Rome is actually very compact. You can walk to all the top sights very easily, and you quickly get a sense of direction and layout very easily. Nice to know for those people who get a little overwhelmed by capital cities.


No car needed in Rome, but it doesn’t hurt when it’s a Retro Fiat 500!

8. The Weather

Being able to waltz around in a cami top in the month of April says it all. The weather in Rome is pretty much glorious all year round. During my trip the skies were blue, the sun was shining, the evenings were balmy and I didn’t see rain once. Locals say Easter is by far the best time to visit the city, culturally as well as weather-wise, and they weren’t wrong!

See, I have proof. Gorgeous blue skies and a cami!

See, I have proof. Gorgeous blue skies and a cami!

9. The Cafe Culture & Piazzas 

No matter how cliche it may sound, there is nothing more idyllic than sitting outdoors in a Roman cafe for an al-fresco coffee. Taking a break to watch the world go by in a city that is so buzzing and full of character is essential. Everyone must do this at least once during their trip to Rome, even if the Coffee does cost 8 Euros! Ouch.


Watching the world go by in Harry’s Bar, Via Veneto

10. The Villa Borghese Gardens

Rome is home to some gorgeous parks and gardens, which make for perfect inner-city escapes away from the feral vespas and scary driving. My favourite garden was the Villa Borghese, Rome’s third largest park located at the end of the Via Veneto. The lush green open spaces and winding walk ways were absolutely gorgeous, and I loved zipping around the park on Segway on the last day of my trip. We topped off the experience with a luxury picnic courtesy of the Grand Hotel Via Veneto, which amazing and so memorable.


A crash course in Segway-ing in the Villa Bourghese


Incredible picnic courtesy of the Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto – perfect end to the trip!

11. The Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! The Italians know good coffee. In fact, they know bloody amazing coffee, and they will happily serve you a third morning cappuccino without judgement or disgust (I was pretty wired that day). I discovered the beauty of the caffe macchiato during my trip, a shot of espresso with a small amount of foamed milk. Perfect if you can’t quite hack the full on espresso. And no where near as heavy as cappuccinos or lattes.

What did you think of my reasons to fall in love with Rome? Have you also fallen in Love with Rome or thinking a trip out there soon? Leave me a comment and let me know, I would be happy to give you recommendations! 

Press trip courtesy of Luxury Link, Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto and KTA PR.


Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.


  • When I started reading, I did because I was really curious if you found the same things as adorable, as amazing as I did during my 9 visits to Rome. And indeed, everything you wrote down is exactly why I love so much the Eternal City!
    Besides the food, the history, coffee, and the authenticity the city is maintaining, the first reason you wrote is my main reason I went back so many times! The people. I love my Roman friends, and I’m beyond happy that I had the chance to meet them during my first visits. They are always welcoming me back, and asking all the time when I’ll go next?
    Rome, Romans, Italy is just amazing!
    P.s. Via Veneto is the best!

  • Hey, Im heading to rome in a few days and Im really excited! But, I’m a bit worried after hearing all these scary stories of pick pocketers in the city… Whats your take on that? Also, how did you get from the airport to the hotel and vice versa? What would you recommend, taxi, train bus? Thanks!

  • You are probably right about the fact that Easter is the best time to visit. I have actually just posted an article on a similar topic, but with a different context. I was there in July and I have to confess that I got some mixed emotions about Rome. It seemed like the whole of world was there 🙂

  • Toni Jones

    I’m going on a Euro-trip in a week and Rome is my first stop! I was already so excited and you’ve just added to the excitement with this post! It looks so beautiful, I can’t wait 🙂

  • Lyn Pappas Dahm

    I too am obsessed with Roma…have been 4 times for 10 days at a time and dream of returning. I usually rent an apartment on Via Governo Vecchio close to Piazza Navona. When in Roma, I feel the magic and feel like I am at home! Ciao!!

    • Thanks for the comment Lyn! Very interesting to hear where you stay, I will have to check it out. Always nice to return to a familiar place. Rome is such a special city, I can’t wait to return! x

  • jessicalouise1601

    Reblogged this on jessicalouise1601 and commented:
    I adore this blog post – definitely want to visit Rome it’s next on my go-to list!!

  • Hey, loving your blog! Hoping to start up a travel blog to run along side ours now. You have given such great tips and I cant wait to get back into travelling.
    Loved Rome too, a tip is to get up early before the other tourists and explore while its virtually empty. There is something magical about being able to explore without the crowds 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I love it when start up bloggers read my blog. Be sure to check out my advice posts for some top tips 🙂

      Rome is such a magical place. Have you been?

      Jess x

      • I will thanks 🙂
        Yeah we went to Rome in 2012 and it was so beautiful x

  • Looks and sounds gorgeous! Somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while but haven’t had the chance yet. It’s on my list to do soon though 🙂

  • Oh I absolutely loved Rome – such a beautiful city! I would love to go back now I am older, I too wasn’t quite as appreciative of it as I could have been, but was also limited on my own choice of exploring the city as I was on a school trip.. I would love to explore at my own pace like you. This hotel looks and sounds amazing! I too adore the food and the people – for me, these are the two things that make any country!

    • Hi Lucy 🙂 Thanks for your comment! It sounds like Rome would be RIGHT up your street, and you appreciate the exact same things as me. You’ll see it in a whole new light now that you’re a bit older. Let me know if you end up going I can give you some recommendations 🙂 x

  • Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren

    Rome has been on my list for ages and your trip sounds like a dream! I’d love to visit in the fall or spring. Walkable cities are such a plus in my book. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy travels 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Lauren. Easter time is by far the best time to visit the city. Beautiful weather and the city is buzzing with Vatican celebrations. Thanks for stopping by the blog x

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