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A few things have changed since I last visited Rome. This is because the last time I visited Rome was exactly 10 years ago. Back then I was (quite embarrassingly) your typical well-travelled but ungrateful child. Whilst I was lucky enough to have incredible holidays all around the world with my trav

Paella by the Spanish coast, a Mini speeding down a British country road, romance in Paris… There are some things in life that are so incredibly iconic that no matter how cliché they become, they will also remain utterly timeless. During my trip to Rome last week, I was lucky enough to explore th

Having recently done all the European ‘biggies’ (Paris, Rome, Barcelona) I decided I wanted to try and see some of the smaller and lesser known cities in Europe this year. I had heard a lot about Munich being a trendy and upcoming destination with double the charm and half the crowds of other ov

Any excuse for a long weekend away and I’m on it, especially if it involves seeing a place of the world I haven’t been to before. Despite The Netherlands being located just a short hop away from the UK and my Father’s Dutch roots, at the ripe age of 22 I had still never visited&hel

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