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Travelista is the evolution of award-winning UK travel blog The Travelista, which was founded in 2013 by Jessica Ruth Gibson. 10 years on, the site remains a trusted source of travel inspiration which has developed a engaged community of likeminded women and a growing team of contributors.

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Editor's Letter
Editor's Letter

en years ago, I created a blog on the internet called The Travelista. Eager to write, get my work published and ultimately become a travel journalist, creating a blog felt like a no-brainer. Back then I had no idea that it would evolve into a business and become a catalyst that enabled me to travel the world.

As I began to approach the blog’s 10 year anniversary, I began to wonder what’s next? Becoming the editor of a magazine has always been my dream job, but I realised I was already sitting on my own publication and media business, albeit in blog form. In September 2023 I took the leap and transitioned my blog into what you see today, an online publication for the adventurous modern woman.


y vision was to create an online publication and community for women who love to travel, but have grown up beyond their early 20’s. Gone are the days of gap years and backpacking. Like me, they are juggling things like motherhood, careers, homes and relationships alongside their passion for travel. Like me, they’ve been left wondering how travel and adventure can still fit into their lives, when the modern world demands so much of them. If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

I think the trick is being adaptable, realising that a sense of adventure can still be found throughout all stages of life; it may just look a little different. Whether that be travelling with a toddler after years of adult-only beach breaks, or embracing single life with your first solo holiday in your 30’s, Travelista is cheering you on for it all.

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Thanks for being here! 

Emily Hope

Travel and Lifestyle Contributor

Born and raised in Northumberland, and having lived in various other beautiful regions of the UK, including the Lake District and her current base in the city of York. Emily. Inspired by communities, Emily loves to travel and is always keen to meet new people. Emily has a degree in English Literature, and a professional background in Journalism, Content Creating, and Radio Presenting.

Chloe Dickenson

Travel Contributor

Chloe is a published author and the full-time traveller, digital nomad and freelance writer behind imjustagirl16.co.uk. She's travelled to nearly 50 countries, covering destinations such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Croatia, the USA and many more. Her favourite city in the world is New York and has recently written the book; Date Night: New York City: 50 Creative, Budget-Friendly Dates for the City that Never Sleeps

Travelista is an online publication and community for the adventurous modern woman covering travel, style, family, home, career and wellbeing.