A Day at Taste of London

Last weekend I went to Taste of London in Regent’s Park with my younger sister Alanna. Taste of London, otherwise known as the ‘World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival’, is a chance for London’s top foodie establishments to come together to make a collection of pop up restaurants. It’s an amazing day out and the perfect opportunity to try some of the most famous and inventive dishes in London without the hefty price tag (you can sample the famous Duck and Waffle dish for only £12).

Despite the questionable summer weather in London at the moment, we lucked out and visited Taste on a perfectly sunny Sunday. We wandered round the many food stalls, seeing what everyone else was buying, before making our menu choices (there were plenty of delicious samples going round too). The diversity of the food at Taste of London meant that you could quite literally eat your way around the world, and it reminded me just how phenomenal the London restaurant scene is.

I didn’t really go with the intention of blogging about my day, it was just a fun thing to do with my sis. But as I love photography I always take my camera around with me, and I ended up with some pretty cool snaps.

Here’s my day at Taste of London in photos…



















Want to go to next time? Taste of London: The Festive Edition will be taking place from 17th-20th November at Tobacco Dock.

What did you think of my Taste of London photo post? Did you attend this year or has this inspired you to go next year? If you enjoyed these photos please leave me a comment in the box below! Jess x 



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  • OMG! I went to the Taste of London in 2015 and they didn’t have the Grana Padano pasta – I’m a cheese lover… how could they do this to me..? 😛

  • It such a fun event though it passed by so quickly that I hardly got to try anything!

    • I know what you mean Angie! You almost have to go on a tasting mission as it’s so easy to get distracted. We ended up tasting a fair bit. xx

  • This looks like an awesome day out! Leeds recently did something similar and it was really great to be able to discover new restaurants and sample the dishes of those I haven’t been able to visit yet. I’ll definitely be keeping the festive edition dates in mind for the Christmas season and hopefully I’ll be able to come and check it out 🙂

    • Hey hun! Aw yeh I saw the festival on your snapchat this weekend, looked like loads of fun. Anything festival and foodie I am going to love. Trying little bits of all the food is the best bit. You should definitely try to go to the festive edition x

  • Charlene Flash

    Looks like you had a fab time, will definitely have to go next year x

    • Thanks Charlene! It was a great day out. Hope you visit next year xx

  • This looks like heaven! I’ve never been but I love food markets and this one looks truly epic (if slightly dangerous for my wallet!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    • Hi Lucy! Thanks for your comment! It’s definitely the best food festival i’ve been to. In terms of cost it can get pretty expensive because the entrance fee is about £30 but if you’re careful inside you can just get a couple of dishes and then fill up on free food and drink samples 🙂 X x

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