Editor’s Pick: Top 6 Hair & Beauty Buys To Save You Time and Money 

Travelista Editor Jessica Ruth Gibson is sharing her 6 favourite at-home beauty products for the adventurous modern woman. From at-home gel nails and lashes to bouncy blow dry shortcuts, these products will give you a boost whilst saving you time and money. 

In the past year I’ve been working on taking better care of myself and finding beauty at-home products that make me feel good without breaking the bank. This is because I am simply not prepared to spend the time or money on regular and expensive treatments in a beauty salon. I’m sure many other adventurous modern women can relate to this. 

I now own and use every single one of these products on a daily or weekly basis, and some I’ve used for years. I’ve also discovered the best Santal 33 dupe which I can’t gatekeep any more. It gives me one of my favourite fragrances at a fraction of the price. 

After much trial and error, I feel I have found the perfect set of hero products that can make me feel glamorous, groomed and well presented without the expensive salon price tag. One initial investment into these products will keep you feeling fabulous for months, if not years to come. Without further ado, here are my top 6 summer beauty buys to save time and money. 

Top 6 Summer Buys To Save You Time and Money 

1. Instead of using hot curlers, save time with Heatless Curls

A lot of people ask me how I style my hair – this is it! As a busy working Mum, I certainly don’t have time in the morning to be styling my hair. So on the days where I know I want to hair to look wavy and groomed, I use this brilliant heatless curls set from Amazon. This is the third heatless curls set I have experimented with, and it’s hands down the best. I would say to avoid any of the sets with silk material as your hair just slips out of them. Also avoid any with thick foam inside the roller. This set has soft non-slip velvet material and with zero foam inside, it’s comfortable to sleep in too. 

My top tip for using heatless curls would be to do it on freshly washed hair that is around 80% dry. Add some styling foam (I use the Elvive Elnet blow dry foam) then twist your hair around the curler and watch this demo before doing so. Do all this the night before and you’ll wake up to beautifully wavy hair. If you feel the curls are too tight, gently brush them out then add a little hair spray. 

2. Instead of splurging on luxury fragrances, save money with a Fragrance Dupe

I first discovered the brand Le Lebo through my travels and the luxury hotel world. Le Labo is the brand of choice for many leading hotels of the world such as The Edition New York City. I fell in love with their unique scents which so strongly attached themselves to my travel memories – Santal 33 so strongly reminds me of strolling through the streets of Manhattan feeling so carefree and alive. I researched the brand to treat myself to a scent, but based on the luxury hotels that stock this brand, I should have known its products come with a very high price point (£230 for 100mls). Luckily, I’ve found an incredible Santal 33 Dupe from Dossier for a fraction of the price and a very similar scent. It makes me very happy! 

3. Instead of spending time and money on salon manicures, save money with the Mylee Gel Nail Kit 

I got this gel nail kit for a birthday and have been using it for over a year now. The Mylee gel nail kit comes with everything you need to apply and remove your gel nails at home, including a UV gel lamp. I have been using this consistently for over a year and none of the products have run out yet. Practice makes perfect with this kit but the instructions are very clear and my Gel nails can last between 7-10 days which I think is a total win. You get the exact same glossy finish that you would in a salon and I’ve recently upped my game by adding the Mylee builder gel as a base to grow my nails and make the gel sets last even longer. You can also add additional gel colours to your collection over time which are pretty inexpensive at £6-£8 per bottle. I’ve saved myself hundreds of pounds by using this kit for the last year vs going for expensive salon manicures.

4. Instead of spending on salon blow drys or a Dyson Air Wrap, save money with the Shark FlexStyle Air Styler

My Shark FlexStyle Air Styler was a Christmas present which has been an amazing investment for both at home and for travel. It’s compact design doesn’t take up much space in my case and it doubles up as both a styler and a hair dryer. Working in the same way as the Dyson Air Wrap (which currently retails at £480), the Shark FlexStyle Air Styler gives you an effortless bouncy blow dry (RRP £269.99). I use the blow dry function most days and the styling function for special events when I know I’ll have the time to style my hair. If not, I will use the heatless curls. 

Top Tip: My hairdresser told me to use the cold air blast to fix your curls into place before removing the barrel and add rollers for 1-2 hours after to keep your curls for in place for as long as possible. I’ve found makes the world of difference.

5. Instead of getting eyelash extensions at a salon, save time and money with Amor At Home Lashes Extensions 

Amor Lashes was one of my favourite beauty discoveries of last year. I love the look of natural lash extensions and I have experimented with getting them done at a salon, but I couldn’t believe how long you have to be laid there for to achieve the full set (around 2 hours or more). I realised I simply didn’t have the time to do that on a regular basis, so I looked for an alternative option. 

Amor Lashes are quick, easy to use and look equally as good as eyelash extensions from a salon. They last for up to 7 days, but for me it’s usually around 5. There are so many options from natural to Russian lashes, depending on the look you want. I love this brand and am a very happy customer. 

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6. Instead of applying heavy foundations, save your skin with Trinny London’s skincare-based make up for an effortless daily glow

Trinny London has been a firm beauty favourite of mine for the past two years, particularly for their wonderful skin care and skincare-based make up. Applying Trinny’s tinted SPFs and serums in the morning feels like an extension of my skincare routine and it can change the glow and overall look of my skin in minutes. It means I leave the house feeling more confident and well presented but without spending any time doing a full make up routine.

I also recently featured the concept of the Trinny London stack, where you stack multiple cream-based make up products into a handy and compact stack which is ideal for travel or being on-the-go. Trinny London products are premium and extremely high in quality so whilst they may not save you money, they will definitely save you time in the morning and space in your case. Read about my favourite Trinny London stack and favourite products

Which of these time and money saving beauty buys are you most interested in trying? I wouldn’t be without any of them now and I hope this encourages some fellow busy women to try some new self care at home. 

Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.

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