10 Genius Space-Saving Packing Products to Help You Travel Lighter

Do you always find yourself going over the weight limit when it comes to packing your suitcase? Travelista contributor, Chole Dickinson, is here to help you with her top 10 space-saving packing products that will allow for more ‘space in your case’.

Space-Saving Packing Products to Help You Travel Lighter

10 Genius Space-Saving Packing Products to Help You Travel Lighter

1. Packing cubes – the ultimate space-saving packing product

Packing cubes are my number one recommendation when it comes to space-saving packing products as they’re such a great way to save space, regardless of whether you’re travelling with a suitcase or a backpack.

Not only do they save space and compact your clothes when packing, but they also help you to be more organised when it comes to sorting out your clothing into different sections, making it much easier to find your things when you need them.

I love the range of lightweight packing cubes from Osprey, and there are brilliant packing cube solutions on Amazon like this set of 5 packing cubes with laundry bag. Our friend Monica from The Travel Hack has also launched her own packing cubes with Cabin Max.

2. Microfibre towels

A microfibre towel is another one of my top travel packing essentials as they’re super lightweight, which makes them a great addition to any suitcase or backpack, especially if you have weight restrictions when flying. Whilst a microfibre towel may not be a requirement if you’re staying at a hotel, they’re an absolute essential for any backpacking or camping adventures.

They’re also fast-drying and super absorbent and many microfibre towels are also antibacterial, which is a great added bonus if you’re using them around the pool or at the beach. We recommend this Eono Microfibre Towel via Amazon for a durable and affordable option.

3. Decanting bottles

Our Editor Jessica Ruth Gibson recently wrote about the amazing space-saving travel beauty hack by Trinny London, which involves the art of decanting. But in general, if you’re travelling with hand luggage only, we couldn’t recommend decanting travel bottles enough as a way to save space when packing.

While there are discussions that the 100ml rule will be abolished by all airlines and airports in the next few years, until that happens, you usually have to travel with 100ml of products or less.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing mini bottles of your favourite products, it’s a good idea to purchase a set of mini travel bottles that you can decant your products into.

4. The Travel Hack Backpack and Suitcase

Created by our good friend, Monica, in collaboration with Cabin Max, the Travel Hack Backpack is one of our favourite space-saving travel essentials, especially when it comes to flying with just hand luggage.

While the Travel Hack Backpack adheres to many budget airlines’ hang luggage rules in terms of size and weight, it’s still a great size for packing for a weekend trip as it fits so much inside! It has numerous pockets, 20L internal capacity, a water bottle holder and even a dedicated laptop sleeve which is ideal when I’m writing on the go.

In addition to the Travel Hack Backpack, I also love the Cabin Max Track Hack suitcase which also complies with the cabin luggage requirements of airlines such as British Airways, Jet2, Virgin, Ryanair, EasyJet Premium and more.

Not only is the suitcase excellent for keeping our travel packing essentials to a minimum, but it’s also beautifully designed, with a black finish and stunning rose gold accents. 

It’s also compatible with all kinds of packing cubes, making it much easier to pack for an exciting weekend trip.

5. Clear Plastic Toiletry Bags

Some airports still require you to remove your 100ml liquids during security, but this is a rule that is slowly being phased out across airports world wide as new screening technology comes into place. To make sure you’re still covered, switch your regular make up and toiletry bag to a clear one so that it can be used throughout the airport and for the whole of your trip. One bag, less faff. Our Editor uses the Chepstow vanity bag from Trinny London but there are also some brilliant and affordable clear travel bags on Amazon.

6. Perfume Atomiser

A perfume atomiser is an excellent space-saving essential if you like to smell good on holiday!

Long gone are the days when you arrive at your destination to find that your beloved glass perfume bottle has smashed everywhere! With a perfume atomiser, you don’t have to worry about perfume-stained clothing when you arrive on holiday as it’s much more durable and also saves a lot more space than a giant perfume bottle. The best bit is that they’re super cheap. You can get 4 perfume atomisers for just £4.99.

While 5ml might not seem like a lot of perfume, these perfume decanting bottles go a long way when it comes to storing your favourite scents.

If you don’t fancy atomising – a great alternative is to look out for perfume gift sets of your favourite perfumes, as they often feature a full size bottle of perfume as well as a mini travel sized spritz. Black Opium by YSL is my of our favourite scents and this Black Opium gift set comes with a full size bottle, a mini travel perfume as well as a lipstick.

7. Solid Bar Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner and soap bars)

I’ve become a huge fan of solid toiletries in recent years and that’s largely because they’re much better for the environment and for our suitcase when it comes to packing our holiday essentials. Garnier do a brilliant Ultimate Blends shampoo bar which is incredibly affordable and is said to last for two months of washes.

Solid shampoo, conditioner and soap bars are excellent at saving space as they’re much smaller than giant bottles of product. There’s also much less chance of them leaking everywhere as they’re in solid form. Browse all shampoo and conditioner bars.

8. Pack-a-Mac or Coat

Even if you’re travelling to a warm destination, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for poor weather conditions, but if you’ve got limited space in your suitcase, you probably don’t want to be lugging a giant winter coat around with you.

This Women’s Waterproof Outdoor Quick Dry Raincoat is an excellent choice when it comes to packing a coat for your holiday as it’s super lightweight, foldable and waterproof. It’s also machine washable and fast-drying, so you don’t have to worry about bringing it home wet and dirty. It comes with its own travel bag to keep it clean and compact.

If you need something a little warmer, I love this Outdoor Ventures Women’s Packable Lightweight Puffer Jacket which also packs down into its own compact travel bag and comes in a gorgeous collection of colours.

9. Jewellery box organiser

Travelling with jewellery can be a bit of a pain, especially if you like to travel with various pieces of jewellery; storing them in your suitcase can prove to be somewhat of an inconvenience as they’re liking to get tangled or broken.

A jewellery box organiser is one of our top travel packing essentials as it makes packing our necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches super easy.

The travel jewellery box is also small and lightweight, so it barely takes up any room in your suitcase at all. This Latit jewellery organiser comes in many different colours and it has plenty of storage space for all types of jewellery.

10. Collapsible water bottle

A refillable water bottle is something I’m also passionate about when travelling as it helps to reduce plastic waste caused by buying drinks from the supermarket.

However, most water bottles are large and bulky and when it comes to packing a case, you need to ensure that you can utilise as much space as possible. Therefore, a flexible/collapsible water bottle is an excellent solution to our packing problems as it enables us to do our part for the environment and it also takes up very little space in a suitcase.

These are all my favourite space-saving packing products and hacks. If you’ve got your own space-saving hacks, I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Now you’ve got your packing sorted, it’s time to decide where to go. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday, make sure to check out our destination guides.

Chloe is a published author and the full-time traveller, digital nomad and freelance writer behind imjustagirl16.co.uk. She's travelled to nearly 50 countries, covering destinations such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Croatia, the USA and many more. Her favourite city in the world is New York and has recently written the book; Date Night: New York City: 50 Creative, Budget-Friendly Dates for the City that Never Sleeps.

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