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Train Travel with a Mask and a Day Out in York

I was surprised and a little bit saddened to learn that 20% of people are still not wearing face coverings when travelling on UK trains. Why? I have travelled by train four times since the travel restrictions were lifted, and every time I have worn a mask without hesitation. So I’ve teamed up with ... View Post

Dining at The Ivy Leeds after Restaurant Reopening

Last week we ventured out to The Ivy Leeds; our second restaurant dining experience since lockdown measures have been eased in the UK. Although we’ve eaten at The Ivy Leeds before, I knew there would be some slight changes due to the additional safety measures to make it Covid secure. We felt very ... View Post

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6 Things to Avoid Saying to a Mum of a Premature Baby

I have had many a conversation with fellow mums of premature babies and it seems to be a common theme that we’ve all been on the receiving end of some quite hurtful comments. These comments aren’t meant to be hurtful, but they still hurt. They could easily be said by a friend or family member who ... View Post