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My Travel Plans for 2020 So Far

I thought it was about time I shared an update on my travel plans for 2020. As many of you may know, I took an unexpected hiatus from overseas travel when my son Theo was born. This was for a number of reasons, but mainly to do with the fact that we wanted to stay close to the NHS after he was born ... View Post

What to Expect During a Stay at Middletons, York

I like to think I am a bit of an expert on the city of York. It’s my home town and a place that I only came to truly appreciate when I became an adult and moved away from it. Now I see York with fresh eyes; through the eyes of a traveller and a visitor; and its is truly amazing place for a city ... View Post

9 Fun Things to do on a Hen Party in Amsterdam

This month I returned to the Netherlands for a hen party in Amsterdam. Being my fourth visit to Amsterdam, I was happy to follow the lead of the bridesmaids who had planned the whole weekend itinerary for us. I thought it would be useful to put this blog together to help others who are currently ... View Post

Pushing Myself Out of my Comfort Zone with Inner Warrior

I didn’t make any new years resolutions for 2020, but I did set myself some personal goals. Since becoming a Mum and going through the trauma of Theo’s prematurity, I lost touch with a lot of the things that made me, me. Exercise and fitness are two of those things. I’ve always seen my body as ... View Post

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Highlights of our Chester Mini Break

Back in December we took our first official family press trip to Chester. Before visiting, I had heard lots of lovely things about Chester but had actually never been myself. Being a small-scale, walled and Medieval city, I had also heard it had similarities to York. Seeing as York is my hometown, I ... View Post

Our Stylish and Baby-Friendly Apartment in Chester

Doing this travel blogging gig for over 7 years has given me quite a high standard when it comes to hotels and apartments. I don’t mean that in the sense that everything has to be 5 star. But I want style, I want comfort and above all, I want a convenient and accessible location. Now that I’ve had a ... View Post

A Winter Getaway in Settle, Yorkshire Dales

Christmas 2019 was amazing. It was the first Christmas we’ve had Theo at home with us and we wanted to make it extra special. Scott took 2 weeks off work and we packed it full of days out and trips to see family. It was everything we wanted it to be, but also it was full on and left us both feeling ... View Post

13 Amazing Things to do for Families in Orlando

Orlando is one of the most family friendly destinations in the world, but there is so much to see and do there beyond the big theme parks. Whether you’re still planning to do Disney and Universal Studios or are searching for alternative things to do for families in Orlando, I hope my round up of ... View Post