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My Blog Got Hacked

At the start of January my blog got hacked. Someone or something hacked into the site and infected it with malware, which basically means malicious software. I was at risk of loosing my entire site and it was a huge reality check and learning curve for me. At the risk of sounding a bit dramatic, it ... View Post

How to Spend 24 Hours in Doha

Over 37 million travellers pass through Doha’s Hamad International Airport each year. But how many of these travellers are taking the time to discover Doha en route to their final destination? I recently got to experience 24-hours in Doha en route from Chiang Mai to Birmingham with Qatar Airways. It ... View Post

The Ethical Way to Encounter Elephants in Chiang Mai

As a travel *influencer* I feel a degree of social responsibility when it comes to topics about ethical and eco-friendly tourism. I only want to promote activities and organisations that are ethical, so the topic of elephants in Chiang Mai is very close to my heart. Elephants are a deep-rooted ... View Post

What to Expect Flying Business Class with Qatar Airways

One of the most exciting parts of my recent trip to Chiang Mai was getting to fly there and back in Qatar Airway’s business class. Having flown with Qatar Airways in business class once before, I knew how much of a treat I was in for. The prospect of the long-haul journey suddenly became much more ... View Post

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Retracing my Footsteps in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Before the blog was born and before I really knew what I wanted from life, I embarked on a 4-week backpacking adventure to Thailand with 3 of my best friends. I was 19 at the time and the trip was my first real experience of independent travel (without parents). It was the well-trodden Thai ... View Post

A Resort Guide to Verbier

After my ski trip to Verbier in December 2017, I’ve put together this handy resort guide to Verbier for anyone considering a trip to this glamorous Swiss ski resort. An Introduction to Verbier Verbier is one of Switzerland’s best-known ski resorts and the largest in the 4 Vallées ski area. With ... View Post

Paragliding in Verbier, Switzerland

My stomach burst with nerves as I read the text over breakfast at Cordée des Alpes. It was Lucie from the hotel letting me know that the weather conditions were good and that the paragliding could go ahead at 11am that morning. The day before I was told it would be highly unlikely that I would get ... View Post

An Alpine Haven: Cordée des Alpes, Verbier

My last adventure of 2017 took me to the snowy Alps of Switzerland and the well-known ski resort of Verbier. Although I have been lucky to ski in The French Alps many times before, it was my first trip to a Swiss ski resort. Our base was Cordée des Alpes, a chalet-style boutique hotel right in the ... View Post

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