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After travelling through Guatemala, the final stop on my Central America itinerary was Belize. Crossing the border from Guatemala to Belize was a surreal experience in itself; armed border police watched on as we dragged our wheelie cases through the ‘no mans land’ between both countries. I didn

Visiting Guatemala is a photographers dream. The colour, life and vibrancy means that there is a new photo subject around every corner. I had so much fun with photography on this trip, and I took so many photos that I couldn’t fit them all into my Guatemala posts. So as hard as it is to r

A few things have changed since I last visited Rome. This is because the last time I visited Rome was exactly 10 years ago. Back then I was (quite embarrassingly) your typical well-travelled but ungrateful child. Whilst I was lucky enough to have incredible holidays all around the world with my trav

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