9 Things I Love about The Joolz Day 3 Pram

When I was expecting Theo, I remember feeling rather overwhelmed by the world of baby products. It was an alien new world that I knew nothing about. Yes, I was growing tiny human, but I hadn’t a clue about things like prams, car seats and nappy bags. The amount of advice online is overwhelming. So where do you start? I began to ask my ‘Mum’ friends for advice, which is how I first head about Joolz. My best friend Lauren had the older version of the Joolz Day 3. After she spoke so highly of it, I began doing a little research into the brand.

It was around this time that the new Joolz Day 3 was launching, which boasted some nice new features and enhancements on the older Joolz Day 2. Lauren’s shining testimonial was enough to influence me to choose the Day 3 for Theo’s pram. Word of mouth recommendations are powerful aren't they? So for all the confused Mums-to-be who are scouring the internet looking for some guidance on prams, let me be your new ‘Mum’ friend and pass on my own testimonial. Here’s my Joolz Day 3 review after using it for 5 months.

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1. It's super stylish

Before I get in to the practicalities of the Joolz Day 3, let’s start with the aesthetics. As far as prams go, this one is incredibly stylish and beautiful. It isn’t cumbersome or bulky. It’s only as big as it needs to be. I love the smooth lines, plush fabrics and leather details. You customise your pram by choosing from a selection of fabrics and leathers (my pram’s colour is amazing grey with a silver chassis and a stitched brown leather handle). I think that the quilted leather is what really gives the pram a really luxe look. There are loads of different combinations that can be put together and I’d definitely recommend visiting a stockist to check out all the fabric and leather swatches. I found that bit really fun! I love that my pram is always super stylish, even when I’m just in Sainsburys rocking a mum bun, leggings and an old t-shirt.

Joolz Day 3 Review Victoria Gate Leeds

Joolz Day 3 Review The Travelista

2. It's a smooth ride

I was terrified to take Theo out and about in the early days of him coming home from NICU but I felt that our pram was his little safe haven to protect him from the world. Even on grass or bumpy ground it still glides smoothly and it manoeuvres around bends and tight corners like a dream. I haven’t ‘driven’ many prams in my time, but everyone who pushes it comments on how smooth it feels. If the Joolz Day 3 was a car I think it would be something like a Mercedes or a BMW.

Joolz Day 3 Review

3. It's compatible with my Maxi-Cosi car seat

Whatever pram you end up choosing, whatever you do, make sure its compatible with your car seat. When I was pregnant I didn’t think that this was important, but speaking from experience, it is so incredibly handy. I love that when Theo is fast asleep in the car and I need to ‘pop’ in somewhere, I don’t have to disturb him or wake him. I just use the car seat adapters and his Maxi-Cosi car seat clicks straight into the Joolz Day 3 chassis. It makes life so much easier.

Joolz Day 3 Review The Travelista
The Travelista Leeds Jess Gibson

4. It's prepared for all-weathers

So far I have used the Joolz Day 3 from February to June, which means we’ve had it out on freezing rainy days as well as hot sunny ones. On rainy days, we use the additional fold out shade to block out wind, and throw over the handy rain cover (this lives in the under-pram storage so I always have it handy). On warm days, we open up the two air-vents on the pram hood to give Theo a cooling breeze. It’s design is definitely adaptable to all weathers.

Joolz Day 3 Review

Joolz Day 3 Review

5. You can lock the wheels into straight mode

The front two wheels have a simple ‘wheel lock’ feature which means the pram will only go forward and back. I didn’t entirely understand this feature until we started to take Theo out and about in cafes and restaurants. The wheel lock feature is a god-send for when you want to just soothe a sleeping baby in a small space. When we’re in a restaurant, I tend to just use my foot to rock the pram so I have two hands free for coffee / lunch / sipping a glass of wine. It’s the ultimate mum hack!

Joolz Day 3 Review The Travelista

6. The matching nursery bag

I’m so glad I also got the Joolz nursery bag, which comes in all of the same fabrics as the Day 3 so you can match or contrast depending on your preference. I decided to get the nursery in matching ‘amazing grey’. I love that the nursery bag hooks on underneath the handle bar, leaving your under-pram storage free for other things. Nice features of the nursery bag include a ‘cool’ section to keep your milk chilled and an all-important changing mat (which folds up nearly and slips into the side of the bag).

Joolz Day 3 Review
Joolz Day 3 Review Nursery Bag

Joolz Day 3 Review The Travelista

7. I can fit it in my boot

Again, this is another practicality that I really didn't appreciate until I actually started to use the pram, and realise I needed to fit it in the boot of my car. Both of the wheels can be easily removed, meaning the chassis, both wheels and the carry cot all fits in the boot of my car.

8. The under-pram storage

The amount of stuff you end up taking out with you with a new baby is actually quite ridiculous, but you want to cover your back for all eventualities. The under-pram storage is so handy, especially when shopping or at the supermarket. My car seat adapters and pram rain cover live in there permanently, so I am always prepared.

Jess Gibson The Travelista

9. It will last Theo until he is 3 or 4 years old (20kg)

The Joolz Day 3 comes with the carry cot for newborns and young babies and then transforms into the seat pram when they are older. We’re still using the carry cot but it won’t be long before we make the switch and use the seat (he’s definitely ready to see the world). The seat has a weight capacity of up to 20kg, so it will last us until he's around 3 or 4. I love that it’s a long-term piece of equipment that will see him through all of his first years.

What do you think of my Joolz Day 3 review? Are you in the process of choosing a pram or have you already found ‘the one’? If you enjoyed this post or have any questions about the Joolz Day 3 please leave me a comment below. Jess x

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Jess Gibson The Travelista

My Joolz Day 3 was gifted without any obligation. All words and views are honest and my own. Photos by Matt McCormick


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  • Hi I have purchased this pram. When you have the carry cot on how much does yours rock? Or is yours quite sturdy. I feel like it moves up and down quite a lot but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like this. I’m trying to find out as much information as possible before contacting joolz, just incase it is supposed to be like this.
    Keeley x

    • Hi Keeley. I didn’t find that the carry cot rocked at all actually. Once it was securely connected to the frame, it felt very sturdy. I would check this over with Joolz because to me it doesn’t sound quite right? x

  • Great review! How have you found lifting it in and out of the car? I’m thinking of buying but when trying it out I found it a bit heavy and clumsy to lift compared to others. I’m wondering if I just haven’t found the right manoeuvre?

    • The frame itself is moderately heavy but I don’t have a problem with it in terms of getting it in and out the car. I don’t have a huge amount to compare it to but I’ve never thought that its too heavy x

  • Cute baby and mommy,,I think that thanks for the valuabe information and insights you have so provided here.

  • wow. nice baby photos

  • Heather Johnston

    Love your review. We bought the Joolz Day 3 in elephant grey – when I test out prams it was the smoothest by far! Just got to wait for the litttle girly to arrive now to get her approval

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