We review the ultimate travel pram: The BABYZEN YOYO

We’ve been using the Joolz Day3 as our day-to-day pram whilst at home in the UK (read my review Day3 review), but for weekends away and trips to visit family, we’ve been trying out our BABYZEN YOYO.

The main reason we’ve opted to use the BABYZEN YOYO when we travel is because it collapses down into the most compact bundle, meaning we massively save on space in the car. The same will apply to when we fly aboard, as it’s small enough to fit over your shoulder and in the overhead locker on a plane. This means that we’ll be able to push Theo in it through the airport, instead of checking it in and collecting it at the other side (that already makes the prospect of flying with baby sound a lot easier to me).

For the early months when Theo needed a bassinet style pram, we favoured the Joolz Day3 as it had a structured base and mattress within the pram. Our BABYZEN YOYO came with the newborn pack, so we could also use this straight away. I love the cosy fur-lined snug and the extendable sunshade. However, as the bassinet is made from canvas (and without a proper base) I don't think it is suitable as a newborn pram for every day use.

Now that Theo is over 6 months, we’re at the stage of converting the YOYO from parent-facing bassinet to road-facing pushchair. This is when I think it’s really going to come into its own and when we will get the most use out of it. The pushchair configuration is suitable from 6 months to 18kg of weight, so I know we’re going to get plenty of use out of it. I can't wait to take it on our first family holiday abroad.

In my opinion the BABYZEN YOYO is the perfect travel system for newborns and babies under 6 months, and an ideal every day pram for 6 months and above. It offers the rare combination of both style and substance and will save you tonnes of storage space. Its minimal, smooth design looks incredibly chic and it comes in a collection of beautiful colours (I went for all black but if I could pick again I would go for peppermint). It also offers incredible functionality, so for that reason I think its worth the price tag.

The BABYZEN YOYO retails at £389 and the newborn pack 'add-on' retails at £190

What are your product essentials for travelling overseas with a baby? Are there any other compact strollers that you highly recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment in the box below. 

Our BABYZEN YOYO was gifted by BABYZEN. All words and views are my own. Photos by Matt McCormick

Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.


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  • We’ll definitely be buying the Yoyo for when we start travelling with Oscar!

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