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I’ve been working on this bumper blog post of all the best baby products I’ve found since becoming a Mum. Some of the products we bought before my son was born, so this may help anyone working out what to buy for a newborn. Some of the products we bought further down the line when we began to wean and transfer our son into his own cot. Everything listed in his blog post is currently in my house and, at some point, was used every single day. I know how overwhelming shopping for a new baby can be, especially when its your first, so I really hope this post comes in handy for new parents and parents to be. Like many new parents, Amazon has been a total god send for us and its where we've bought almost all of this stuff. You can trust everything has been tried and tested by me, a first time Mum.

The items have been liked to on Amazon and put in age-appropriate order, starting from newborn items and moving through to toddler items. A few of the items within the list have been gifted, but most of the items we have bought ourselves after research and advice. I love every product that is featured in this post. 

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The Big Ticket Items

Cribs, prams and car seats are a good place to start for a newborn shopping list, but I know the amount of choice can feel totally overwhelming. Different products are right for different people, but the following products were perfect for us.

Snuz Pod Bedside Crib

Theo slept in a SnuzPod 3 in our room until he was about six months old (following UK sleep safety guidelines). There are lots of different bedside cribs on the market and I remember doing a lot of research on them at the time. We went for the SunzPod 3 and I have absolutely no regrets. The best feature about the Snuzpod 3 is that you can lift off the bassinet and easily move it around the house. This means it can double up as a safe place for your baby to sleep downstairs through the day.

You can also lower one side and attach it to your bed for safe co-sleeping.

Joolz Day3

Choosing the pram was about the only thing we did before Theo’s early arrival. Now at 18 months old, we are still using the Joolz Day3 every day. We started with the newborn bassinet until around 7 months and then switched to the more up-right pram fitting. The great thing about the pram fitting is that it has 3 angles and can go completely flat for naps. Read my full review of the Joolz Day3 here. The Day3 is Joolz' latest model from the Day collection and retails at £899.99 at John Lewis.

Joolz Nursery Bag

We also got the Joolz nursery bag in the same colour in the pram (ours was ‘Amazing Grey’). I loved that the bag perfectly coordinated with the pram and it came with attachments that hook onto the pram with ease. Its spacious with lots of compartments. The best features are the changing mat and the isolated section to keep liquids cool / warm.

Joolz Day 3 Review
Joolz Day 3 Review Nursery Bag

Joie 2-in-1 Swing

When we realised how soothed Theo was by being rocked in his car seat, we wanted to find a seat to mimic the same movement. Theo was around 4 weeks old when we bought this swing and it was an absolute game changer. He napped in this beautifully throughout the day and it gave him a safe and stimulating place to spend time if I needed to leave the room. It rocks in two directions at various speed settings, plays music and vibrates. I was so happy with this product and highly recommend.

First Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Pebble i-Size (newborn to 1 year or 13kg)

Of all the choices in the world of baby products, I found the car seat the most overwhelming. There is just so much choice and its such alien territory. We bought the Maxi Cosi Pebble for Theo's first car seat as it was strongly recommended by my friend. It met all the latest i-size safety requirements and the additional insert made it snug and safe for our tiny preemie. At the same time, we also bought the Maxi Cosi FamilyFix i-Size isofix base. This car seat is rear facing in line with safety guidance.

Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix One i-Size Isofix Base 

The car seat slots into the isofix base very easily and there is a traffic light system on the base to alert you if the car seat isn't fitted properly. The good thing about this base is that its compatible with some second stage car seats too, so you should only need one isofix base until the baby is around 4 years old.

Second Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Pearl (9kg to 18kg)

We were very happy with the Maxi Cosi brand so wanted to stick with it for Theo's second car seat / toddler car seat. The Maxi Cosi Pearl is one of the car seats that is also compatible with the Family Fix isofix base, so it was a bit of a no brainer for us. This car seat will last Theo until he is around 4 years old or 18kg. The good thing about the Pearl is that it can be rearward and forward facing in the FamilyFix isofix base.

Nursery and Sleep

Mamas and Papas Nursery Furniture

We bought our nursery furniture from Mamas and Papas and have been really happy with it. I would definitely recommend visiting a Mamas and Papas shop to see the furniture in real life before making any decisions. We went for the Atlas 3 piece Cot Bed Range with Dresser and Wardrobe. The furniture will last for years to come as the cot transitions into a childs bed.

Infantino 3 in 1 Projector Musical Mobile

My Mum bought this mobile for Theo as a Christmas present before he came home and it was a great buy. I asked her to buy Theo this mobile as its functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I liked that the tones were neutral but I also wanted the mobile to actually do something other than look pretty. The figures rotate, stars are projected on the ceiling and it plays gentle music and nature sounds. The 3 in 1 aspect is because as well as being a mobile it can be deconstructed to be a cot light and a table light as baby gets older. You can see ours in the photos above.

Angel Care Sound and Movement Monitor

As Theo spent a long time in hospital before being discharged, we were very nervous to bring him home. We wanted a monitor that would bring us complete peace of mind at night. Thats why we chose to go for a combi sound and movement monitor. The movement monitors are a bit controversial as they can have false alarms, causing parents unnecessary worry in the night, but the reassurance far outweighed the stress of a false alarm for me. It’s worth noting that the movement monitor can’t be used until baby is in a proper cot with a firm base (as opposed to a bedside crib like the Snuzpod).

Snuza Hero Breathing Monitor

For the first six months whilst Theo was in his SnuzPod, we used the Snuza Hero as a breathing monitor. This clever device clips on to baby’s nappy and detects even the slightest movement. If no movement is detected for 15 seconds, the device vibrates to stimulate baby to breathe. If there is still no movement after another 15 seconds, the device will alarm and vibrate. There are various settings but you also have the option to make it flash every time baby breathes, so you only need to glance over for reassurance in the night. For the amount of reassurance it gave me, I would buy this product 10 times over.

The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

Buying this blackout blind has been an absolute game changer for Theo’s sleep. When the clocks went forward Theo was sleeping much worse due to the light coming through. This portable blind attaches to the glass with suction pads and makes the room completely blackout. Theo’s now sleeping in til between 7.30am-8.00am during British summertime.

Bath Time

Angel Care Bath Seat

Before we bought this bath seat, bath time was a two man job. I was able to bath Theo independently with this bath seat as it gave me two free hands rather than having to hold his head out of the water. It’s absolutely ideal and won’t break the bank. When they can sit independently, you can also progress to the sitting version. They come in blue, pink and gender neutral grey.

Childs Farm Bath Products

When my friend bought Theo some Childs Farm bath products as a new baby gift, I had never heard of the brand. But since using those gift bottles, we’ve never used anything else. The formula is incredibly gentle and is paediatrician and dermatologist approved. There are different products in the range but the unfragranced baby wash washes his body and hair beautifully. Its one of our go-to products. It also makes a lovely new baby gift.

Hooded Towel

A hooded towel is a great purchase for a new baby as it keeps their head warm when they’re wet and fresh out the bath. We bought a couple before Theo was born and are still using them today.


Just when you think you’ve got al the essentials and have this parenthood thing sussed, it’s time to move on to weaning! Weaning brings a whole set of new milestones and exciting challenges for both you and baby. Here are the products that have worked well for us.

Ikea High Chair

As Theo was born prematurely, I did a lot of research into high chairs that were good for smaller babies. All signed pointed me to the incredibly affordable Antilop high chair from Ikea. It retails for only £12 and you can buy a blow up insert and cover for an additional £6. The value is unbelievable and the high chair hasn’t failed us in any way. The tray is incredibly easy to wipe clean. I also like that this highchair is used in a lot of restaurants in the UK so when we go out Theo often has familiarity of the same high chair.

Avent Food Prep Pots

I bought this set of food storage pots from Amazon when Theo began to increase the volumes of food he was eating. Because of their size you will get a lot more use out of them than the very small baby food storage pots which will only hold a very small volume of puree.

Little Love Bibs

These bibs are sold by an independent retailer on Amazon and have been an absolute saviour in our weaning journey. The bib catches everything from water to food and even sick when Theo has rejected his food. They are high quality silicone and do not stain. We’ve washed them countless times and they still feel and look brand new. An incredibly affordable and high quality product that I use every day.

From Then

To Now

Munchkin Bowls and Spoons

I bought this set at the start of our weaning journey and have since bought it again to increase our inventory of bowls and spoons. Their safety spoons are heat sensitive and will turn white if the food is too hot which is a great feature. The bowls also come with lids so they’re easy to take out and about. The bowls have stained a little now over time but I still think on the whole this is a fantastic product.

Mummy Cooks by Siobhan Berry

This book has been instrumental in our weaning journey. It has been our weaning bible. It has so much helpful advice as well as recipes starting from first purees to adult meals. The ethos of this book is to cook one thing for the family and adapt it for baby, saving you hours in the kitchen cooking only for baby. I often cook recipes from this book for Scott and I then save the leftovers for Theo. If you are only going to buy one weaning book, make it this one.


We already owned a Nutribullet before becoming parents but we've never used it more since weaning a baby. It blends up fresh purees in seconds and now I use it to break down our own meals for Theo e.g. I will pulse a spaghetti Bolognese in there for a couple of seconds to break down the texture. It’s also great for smoothies! I know there is also a baby nutribullet on the market but I think its worth investing in the real deal as you'll get more use out of it in the long run.

Toys and Play

Munchkin and Bear Play Mat

I discovered Munchkin and Bear on Instagram. The quality of these mats are fantastic and the padding is very plush. I love that each mat has a different colour on each side and the subtle designs make a stylish addition to any room. We use our mat for general play every day but also for nappy free time (as its wipe clean) and this summer we’ve also been using it outside in the garden. I also love using it for stretching and yoga. In my opinion they are definitely worth the price tag (£129.95). We have the Large Hamptons Mat in Seafoam and will continue to use it for years to come. Large mats cost £129.95 and medium mats cost £94.95. 

V Tech Crawl and Learn Baby Activity Ball

This has to be Theo's all time favourite toy. It has given him hours of entertainment and he began playing with it before he could crawl. Now he is walking and he is still fascinated by it, so there's plenty of longevity in it. I have gifted this to quite a few friends babies because of how much Theo loves it.

Wooden Spinning Cogs Toy

I bought this toy for Theo recently and he absolutely loves it. At the moment he just loves spinning the cogs but as he develops he can learn how to piece the puzzle together. A great educational toy.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

This book had to feature as its such a classic and I seems to be a firm favourite for so many babies including Theo. Over time has learnt to lift the flaps down and he loves the interaction of the book. This would be a great gift for a new baby.

Hippo Has a Hat by Julia Donaldson

Another one of Theo’s favourite books that is so beautifully illustrated and very colourful. It features lots of animals so is also a great way to teach animal vocabulary.

Foam Fridge Magnets

I bought these foam fridge magnets recently which have been great for keeping Theo entertained whilst I am doing things in the kitchen. He loves sticking them on the fridge and I am hoping they will help with his speech development.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board

This is another toy I found that is amazing for fine motor development. Theo loves playing with all the locks and chains even though he's not mastered properly opening them yet. I put this latches board away and bring it out every few weeks so that its fresh and exciting to him. Every time he can do a little more which is great to see! The board is well made and the latches are all very secure and safe for little ones.


VTech First Steps Baby Walker

This V Tech First Steps Baby Walker was a pivotal part of Theo learning to walk. It helped him to build confidence on his feet and also allowed him to explore the great outdoors a little more. He was very engaged by all the toys and buttons on the front and overall this provided hours and hours of entertainment. As he got more confident with walking we began to wean him off the walker.


Baby proofing the house has been our most recent project and once again we looked to Amazon to find some essential items. We're really happy with these products that we found.

Lindam Sure Shut Axis Baby Stair Gate

We use it at the bottom of the stairs. It's of a good quality and feels very secure. I like that I can open it with one hand (very helpful when you're carrying the little one).


Once Theo started to open the kitchen cupboards, we knew it was time for safety locks. I was really glad to find these locks as they are so much easier than the magnet style locks. The adhesive sticks really well, as long as its on an entirely flat surface / kitchen unit. Theo has tried pulling at them multiple times and they haven't budged. We went for the pack of 6 but they can also come in larger quantities.

This blog post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission from any products purchased. This commission comes from the vendor and will not affect the price you pay. Thank you for supporting my blog 🙂

Do you have a baby on the way or are you already a parent that can vouch for some of these products? If this blog post has come in useful I’d love to know so please leave me a comment on the box below. Jess x

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