An Interview with Emily Hope – On Radio Presenting and Broadcasting

Emily Hope is one of our Travelista contributors, a talented radio presenter, writer and broadcaster. We are inspired by her drive to create her own opportunities and put herself out there in a new city to break through into the world of Broadcasting.

Meet Emily

Born and raised in Northumberland, and having lived in various other beautiful regions of the UK, including the Lake District and her current base in the city of York. Emily. Inspired by communities, Emily loves to travel and is always keen to meet new people. Emily has a degree in English Literature, and a professional background in Journalism, Content Creating, and Radio Presenting. Emily is a passionate storyteller and has been broadcasting for five years. During this time she’s interviewed the likes of Bake Off’s Dame Prue Leith and Freya Cox, Tim Mcinnerny (actor) and Pierre Koffman (chef). 

An Interview with Emily Hope – Radio Presenter and Broadcaster

“I’ve always been interested in radio, to be honest. When I was really young, I used to record my own shows onto a tape whenever I stayed at my Dad’s on a weekend.”

I also knew he DJ’d at university and I grew up listening to a lot of diverse music when I was with him, so, I guess the passion runs in the family. 

Then, when I was at university, I had the chance to join the radio society there. I was so nervous about hosting a show on my own but I thought, “It’s now or never!” and honestly I’ve not looked back since. 

I love being able to entertain people, really. I love that radio is such a sense of community. People listen in as part of their daily routine, whether at work or at home doing jobs. It’s just nice to be able to offer listeners company whilst they go about their day-to-day lives. 

Creating her own opportunities

I was working in hospitality at the time in the Lake District and simultaneously volunteered as a radio presenter for the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay. I knew I wanted to try and take a leap into the radio world professionally, as I’d been volunteering for the station for a couple of years at this point. It was during an impromptu day out in York that I came across a radio studio in town. How it happened actually was that I decided to get a new piercing and needed cash to pay for it. I went to the nearest cash machine which was right next to a radio studio, which I wouldn’t have necessarily come across that day if I didn’t need cash.

“I decided to send the station my radio demo and an email expressing my interest in working for them, and then a couple of days later they invited me back to York for a meeting with the team. It was later they offered me a show and I moved to York for the opportunity! Thank goodness for that ear piercing”.

Facing challenges

The biggest challenge in my career so far is probably when looking for opportunities to work in the past, it’s been a bit relentless. I’ve volunteered for a long time to get to where I am today and some days, I think you forget why you’re putting in the graft. It can be those days that you feel like you’re not really getting anywhere. It’s just being resilient through the tough days and reminding yourself why you’re putting in the hard work – to get where you deserve to be! 

The ultimate goal

“My goal is to present for a big radio station, like BBC Radio One. That’s the dream.”

Otherwise, I think setting up my own podcast and continuing to build my own brand as a presenter and content creator. 

On being a woman in Broadcasting

In my experience so far, the broadcast industry has been mainly male dominated. Whilst I’ve had some supportive men working alongside me, I’ve also seen the other edge of the coin and had some hard-hitting experiences.

“I think, especially as a woman, what I’ve learned so far, is that sometimes your skills could be undervalued and that sometimes people like to concentrate more on image. I think knowing your worth, staying true to yourself and having your own boundaries is key.”

Knowing your worth and boundaries, for sure! Not being scared to speak up and when faced with conflict, staying true to yourself. You should never be afraid to seek support and you should also never feel that you’re going to lose an opportunity because you’ve set a boundary. The right people or organisation will respect you for it. 

On the causes she feels passionately about; mental health and education

I’m really passionate about mental health. I think although the world is becoming more understanding about it, people suffering from mental health still struggle to receive the help they need, at the time in which they need it. The length of some waiting lists is wild! 

That and education. Specifically educating young adults at school about aspects of life that they’re going to face in adulthood. Obviously, you can’t cover everything but learning more about bills, voting, housing, job rights, sex education etc is really important.

There’s so much that there could be taught at schools to make young adults feel a bit more prepared about entering the ‘real world’.

Mental health-wise, I know a lot of workplaces are now offering mental health first aid which is great! Otherwise, generally just supporting people day to day, making space to talk and listen and also asking the simple question; “are you okay?” 

Educating young adults is less linear, but I think social media has a huge part to play in today’s world and the expectations of young adults, especially with image, lifestyle and relationships. Trying to keep it as safe a space as it can be and when sharing information, making sure it’s correct, is really important. 

Emily’s Parting Advice

I think the biggest piece of advice will be, that people might try and dissuade you from this industry because it’s deemed as ‘competitive’ and sometimes a bit uncertain.

“I think if you’re really passionate about something, no matter what it is, then it’s really worth pursuing. Don’t let the opinions of others put you off. Work hard, and when it pays off, see for yourself!”

You can follow Emily’s journey on Instagram at @eminemmz. She’s always happy to give tips and have a chat. 

Quick-fire ‘This or that’

• Introvert or extrovert? An introverted-extrovert! 

• Morning person or night owl? Morning person 

• Tea or coffee drinker? It’s got to be coffee! 

• Summer or Autumn? Autumn any day. Best time of year! 

• Mountains or beach? This is tough, but I was born in a seaside village so it’s got to be the beach. 

• Sweet or savoury? Savoury. 

• Online shopping or browse the shops? Browse the shops. Could spend hours doing this. 

• Nights in or nights out? Nights in, I’m such a grandma at times. 

• Exercise or extra fries I love exercise but I’d be lying if I said that…it’s got to be extra fries! 

Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.

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