You’ll Love These Travel-Friendly Beauty Products for your Next Holiday

Ad – I love the natural look on summer holidays, but I still want my skin to be protected and look healthy and glowing. I tend to strip back my makeup bag by leaving the heavy foundations and eye shadows behind, and bring only my holiday beauty essentials. The 5 products featured within this post will give you a healthy holiday glow that lasts, even when you’re in and out of the pool and on your second Magnum of the day (no judgment whatsoever).

Summer beauty products in a clear security vanity bag

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5 summer beauty products for a natural holiday look

I once saw a dermatologist say that SPF is the single best anti-aging product you can buy and for maximum impact, it should be worn every day of the year (even in the UK). I was immediately influenced by this and have worn daily SPF every day for the past 3 years. But when worn every day, you need to make sure the product you’re using is lightweight, absorbent and does not clog the skin. I’ve tried quite a few different SPFs over the past few years, but one of my all time favourites is the 50+ invisible fluid by La Roche Posay. It’s definitely more of a thin fluid than a cream, meaning it absorbs beautifully into the skin with zero whiteness. SPF is always one of the most essential summer beauty products on my list.

How to use it: Apply three fingers worth to your face and neck after using your usual morning moisturiser. It makes a lovely base for whatever you’re going to layer next.

Step 2 – Tinted Beauty Balm

For some nourishing and light-weight coverage whilst you’re on holiday, I recommend the No.7 Beauty Balm Tinted Skin Veil. I love how hydrating this product feels on my skin and that it balances out my skin tone and reduces redness. It’s described as a BB cream for normal to dry skin and I find it leaves me with a lovely dewy finish.

The No.7 Beauty Balm is classed as an SPF foundation as it also has a 5* UVA ratting plus SPF 15, so by twinning this with an SPF base your skin will be perfectly protected from the summer rays.

How to use it: Apply using clean fingers and rub in as you would a moisturiser, making sure to blend down to the neck. Use a baby wipe to wipe off any residue left on lips or eyebrows.

Step 3 – Lip and Cheek Stain

For your natural holiday make up, I recommend swapping lipstick and blusher for a long-lasting lip and cheek stain like Benetint from Benefit . A lot of people unsure of this product because of its deep red colour, but it looks completely different when it’s on the skin. It works with your natural skin tone to give a gorgeous natural blush to lips and cheeks, and the best part is it lasts so much longer than any other similar product I’ve tried. There’s a whole lot of staying power in this tiny bottle and as you only need a tiny amount. It’s one of the best summer beauty products because it looks so natural on the skin and enhances your bare-faced beauty.

How to use it: Swipe the applicator across your lips and onto the apples of your cheeks. Dab your lips and pat your cheeks with your finger tips to blend the colour in.

Step 4 – Waterproof Eyeliner

Another holiday beauty essential is a good waterproof eyeliner and I love the NYX Epic Wear Long Lasting Liner Stick in shade ‘deepest brown’. I think the pencils give a more natural look compared to the liquid liners and to stay on the natural theme I would recommend choosing a brown shade over black.

How to use it; However you like! For me, I only use the liner on the outer half of my eye, and bring it out to a small and subtle flick. If you’re new to pencil liners it may take a little bit of practice.

Step 5 – Waterproof Mascara

No holiday beauty essential list is complete without a great and lasting waterproof mascara. So many that claim to be waterproof don’t stand the test of time, but I’ve found MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara Gigablack to really lengthen my lashes and stay put even in and out of water. I also like the thin and narrow brush head as I find it really allows me to manipulate the lashes easier than a thicker, wider brush.

5 product natural make up look using summer beauty products
This is the finished look with all 5 products on my face, applied as described. There is zero editing or filters on this photo.

Top Airport Security Travel Tips

1. Did you know, you don’t need to use those tiny plastic bags for your toiletries in airport security?

Instead, buy yourself a clear vanity bag that you can use over and over again. This Boots Travel Set is compliant with most airport security (but be sure to always check before flying)  and includes a security-sized clear back, two 100ml clear bottles for your shampoo, conditioner, a loofah and a shower cap.

Pre-packing a clear vanity bag will save you time and stress when trying to sort out your toiletries in a mini airport queue. Instead, you’ll look like a super efficient and seasoned traveller with your pre-prepared bag. I do this every time I travel without fail.

2. Did you know, you can pre-order and collect full-sized toiletries for collection at the airport?

If the miniature sizes aren’t going to cut it for your holiday, did you know that Boots offers Airport Click & Collect, where you can collect full-sized products after security? This means you can save weight in your check-in case for other important items and still enjoy all the full size products you know and love.

What did you think of our 5 hero summer beauty products for a natural holiday look? Which beauty product could you not live without for a holiday?

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