How to plan a holiday in 5 easy steps

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or solo, holidays are a great way to escape the daily routine and feel a sense of adventure. But the planning aspect of a holiday can often feel overwhelming amongst our busy lives. Luckily, we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to. If it’s down to you to plan a holiday but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to share how to plan a holiday in 5 easy steps, with plenty of insider tips. Once the planning is done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience, making memories that will last for years to come.

How to plan a holiday in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Choose your destination 

Usually, the planning of a holiday all starts with a chosen destination. However, it’s important to consider your month of travel and what the weather will be like in your chosen destination during that time. For example, if you’re based in the UK and want to fly to Thailand during the school summer holidays, you’ll be visiting during their rainy / monsoon season. Other things to think about in your chosen destination might be; How child-friendly it? How expensive is it? What is the flight time? Can I fly from my local airport? What’s the tipping culture like? How good is the public transport? Is it LGBTQ+ friendly? 

Step 2: Choose The Right Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation for your holiday is an essential part of a successful and enjoyable trip. There are numerous options to choose from, including hotels, private home rentals, bed-and-breakfasts, hostels, and camping sites. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to take into account the needs and preferences of who you will be travelling with, as well as their budget. If you’re travelling with kids, self-catering may be a great option. If you’re travelling with elderly relatives or someone with a physical disability, think about the accessibility of your accommodation. 

Once you have settled on the type of accommodation that will be best for your holiday, you can start searching for the perfect place in your chosen destination. Having the destination and accommodation type decided as step 1 and step 2 will help you to narrow down your search terms for example; villas in Marbella or hotels in Wilmington de. We recommend checking the location, amenities, price and reviews before booking any accommodation.

Top Tip: Location is key to having a convenient, stress-free and enjoyable holiday, so be sure to check the accommodation’s location out on Google Maps and check it’s proximity to some places and attractions you’d like to visit. 

Step 3: Package holiday or DIY? 

We would always recommend pricing up your chosen holiday both as a package with a reputable travel company, and individually by booking your flights and accommodation separately. You’ll always get the best rates by booking directly with the hotel itself and direct bookings are most likely to receive room upgrades.. Depending on the time of year and the demand, you’ll find a different outcome every time. Package holidays will often include things like airport transfers and more options on board-basis, so it’s worth taking this into consideration when deciding on the cheapest option. 

Step 4: Research and plan a rough itinerary 

Before you embark on your holiday, be sure to research your destination thoroughly. Do any of the top attractions, experiences or restaurants require advance bookings? Planning a rough itinerary in advance will ensure that you make the most of your time and don’t miss out on any of the great attractions or opportunities available in your destination. 

However, it’s also nice to leave some room for flexibility and relaxation. This will allow you to make the most of unexpected experiences and take advantage of opportunities that may arise during your trip. Consider leaving a few days open-ended or without concrete plans so that you can explore new places or take advantage of unexpected opportunities. This is especially important if you are traveling to somewhere totally unfamiliar and different. 

Step 5: Budget Wisely

When planning a holiday, budgeting is essential for having a stress-free experience. If you’re planning a low cost holiday, be sure to make sure that the destination itself is cheap as well as the accommodation you’re booking. You might find a great deal on somewhere in the heart of Dubrovnik, but when you land you’ll realise it’s one of the most expensive places in Europe (mostly down to the Game of Thrones boom).

It’s also well-worth doing some research on the local tipping culture, which can vary hugely between countries and continents.  Travel insurance is another crucial part of budgeting for your vacation. It can cover you in the event of an injury, missed flights, stolen possessions, and more, giving you peace of mind that you are financially protected if something goes wrong.

Once you’ve booked your holiday, here are some further tips to help keep you relaxed and safe whilst on holiday

  • Before leaving home, research the safety advisories for the areas you will visit and make sure to stay on top of any changes in security during your trip. When it comes to personal safety, trusting your gut instinct is important. If something doesn’t feel right or seems too good to be true, it’s best to avoid it.
  • It can also be helpful to research local tourist scams area you will be visiting before you leave home so you know what to avoid when you arrive.
  • It’s worth keeping expensive jewellery behind at home or in the hotel safe when travelling, and if you’re travelling with cash try to spread this out and not keep it all in one place.
  • Always keep the address of your accommodation written down in the local language in case you get lost and keep your bags closed and close to your body in busy, crowded areas. 

Final Thoughts

Holidays are one of the most rewarding parts of life and by taking the time to plan ahead and do your research, you can ensure a stress-free and smooth-running travel experience. Whether it’s researching restaurants or budgeting for activities, there are plenty of ways to maximise your trip. Above all else, remember to take some time to disconnect from everyday life while on holiday and truly relax. So start planning today. Nobody ever regrets researching their holiday like a pro! 

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