A Visit to Burger and Lobster, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

I moved to London almost 2 weeks ago and boy have I been busy. In amongst starting my new job, I’ve interviewed celebrities on a boat down the Thames, eaten Michelin star Spanish food, gone for a curry on the famous Brick Lane, met some awesome people, had a very fancy night out at Sushi Samba and visited a restaurant I’ve been dying to try for months: Burger and Lobster.


So to celebrate completing my very first week of work in a new job, I went with Nik to indulge in my very first Burger and Lobster experience. There are 5 of these joints in London, and they’ve become some what of a Londoner’s institution. We went to the newest one which is in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. Slightly arrogantly, they don’t take reservations, and if you’re not in the mood to wait an hour, I’d definitely recommend heading to the Knightsbridge branch. We breezed in and got a table straight away, on a Friday night no less.

When it comes to restaurants, this place does exactly what it says on the tin. You can either order Burger…. or Lobster. There is no menu here, and there are just two choices. Well… technically 3. Choice 1 is the classic burger. Neither of us ordered this but I saw one from a near by table, it looked pretty filthy (good filthy). Choice 2 is the whole lobster which comes steamed or grilled with a salad and fries. Choice 3 is for those indecisive people who still get slightly freaked out by carving meat out of a lobster shell and can’t decide between the two.

I was the perfect candidate for choice 3 which is the Lobster Roll: a generous amount of shredded lobster is served in a warm brioche bun with salad and fries. It also comes with a heavenly side of garlic butter sauce – which I couldn’t get enough of. At £20 a dish, it’s not the sort of place you’d frequent every week, but if you fancy trying something a bit different and can afford a splurge, it’d say give it a whirl.

My only qualm with the dish is that whilst the roll was warm, the lobster inside was served cold. I think this was only a qualm because I am slightly weird about eating cold seafood. But once I started to tuck in it didn’t really bother me! The lobster inside the warm brioche roll was divine, which was fried on both sides, just incase it wasn’t calorific enough. The fries were spot on and the side salad was most definitely a side salad worth eating.

Nik being the health freak he is put me to absolute shame by ordering the lobster and swapping his fries for a second side salad (a little tip from me to you though, go for the fries). As a Burger and Lobster conoisseur, he knew what he was doing and said only good things about his dish, although I didn’t envy him when he started cracking the claw to scrape out every last morsel of lobster meat. Apparently that’s what Burger and Lobster can do to a man.

Burger and Lobster made for a perfect Friday night treat and despite the endless hype from all my friends, I definitely didn’t leave disappointed. Next time I’m going to man up and order the whole lobster, and try out one of the delicious sounding cocktails on offer.

Have you eaten at Burger and Lobster? What did you think of it? If you enjoyed my review then comment in the box below and let me know 🙂

Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.


  • This should come with a warning: Don’t read whilst hungry! Looks amazing – been meanign to give this place a try for ages! x

  • Aimee Avory-Adams

    Looks divine. I tried to get into the Green Park one a while back and the wait was 2 hours, so I gave up and went somewhere else. I am off to Sushi Samba this weekend though 🙂 and after that I’ll def have to try to get into Burger and Lobster.

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