7 Reasons to Visit Antigua

If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean holiday but feel unsure about which island to choose, let us introduce you to the paradise island of Antigua and give you 7 reasons to make it your Caribbean island of choice.

As a way to round up my recent experience on the island of Antigua, I want to share 7 reasons why I loved Antigua. In turn, they’re also pretty good reasons to choose Antigua for your Caribbean holiday. So if you’re planning your own paradise break or simply want a little escapism, grab the most tropical drink you can get your hands on and enjoy this colourful post…



1. Visit in August and Be Part Of The Antigua Carnival

Without a doubt the highlight of my trip to Antigua was attending the Antigua Carnival. The Carnival takes place on the first weekend of August every year and celebrations span over 13 days around it. Tourists are welcome to attend any of the events, but a bit of advance planning is recommended. Whilst some music events are ticketed for a small fee, it’s completely free to spectate the street parades. For an even more authentic Carnival experience, you can join a troupe and actually dance in the parades! I joined the Myst Carnival Troupe (one of Antigua’s biggest troupes) and danced in the Judging of the Bands parade on the 7th August.



The energy, music and colours combined to make it one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Visiting Antigua during the Carnival added an extra dimension to my Caribbean experience as I got to witness the Caribbean culture and practices. Be sure to check out my Best Dressed at The Antigua Carnival post.


2. It’s an Island Paradise with 365 Beaches

Local’s love to claim that Antigua is home to 365 beaches – one for every day of the year! I can’t confirm whether this is true, but I can confirm that the beaches in Antigua are some of the best I have ever seen. Imagine fine white sand, aquamarine waters and the warm, calm Caribbean sea. If you’re dreaming of those picture perfect beaches with #nofilter required, Antigua has them in abundance. I stayed on Dickenson Bay which is where the Sandals Antigua is located. As with the rest of the beaches, Dickenson Bay was perfect.




3. It’s home to incredible Seafood

I had some of the most delicious seafood I have ever tasted in Antigua and it sticks in my mind as another highlight. Being surrounded by ocean, you always know that the seafood is incredibly fresh and it tastes all the better for it. Regional classics like lobster and conch are always on the menu but I also got to try some totally new fish including fillet of Mahi Mahi. Head to Papa Zouk Fish and Rum bar on the outskirts of St John’s for an independent, authentic and incredibly tasty seafood restaurant.




4. You Can Sail Round the Whole Island in a Day

Antigua has a circumference of 86km and there are various boat tours, which allow you to sail around the entire island in half a day. It’s a great way to see the spectacular coastal landscape and the famous sights including Shirley Heights, Nelson’s Dockyard and Eric Clapton’s Cliffside holiday home. I joined the Tropical Adventures Circumnavigation tour which picks up and departs from Dickenson Bay. The catamaran boat trip lasted around 6 hours and included a BBQ lunch, unlimited drinks and a snorkelling around Great Bird Island.




5. The Sunset at Shirley Heights is Breath-taking

Another highlight of my trip was attending the sunset party at Shirley Heights. This iconic spot is known for its 18th century ruins and is located 487 feet above the English Harbour. The view is breath-taking at any time of day, but the best time to visit is for the sunset. Every Sunday you can attend an epic BBQ night at Shirley Heights when the resident reggae band and a steel drum band provide entertainment all night. We sipped on rum punch and danced the night away to local Soca music. I will mention that 95% of the people there are tourists, but it’s the perfect holiday night out for couples, friends and families.



6. St John’s will Surprise You

St John’s is the largest town in Antigua and is well worth a trip for anyone visiting Antigua. You can expect to find a cocktail of colonial architecture, coloured buildings, graffiti and reggae vibes. A visit to St John’s helps you to understand the real Antigua, away from the bubble of your beach resort. Spots worth visiting include Redcliffe Key for a bit of shopping and the fruit and veg hall in the Public Market (where you’ll find avocados bigger than your hands!) For some tasty grub in the heart of St John’s check out Big Banana.




7. You Can Fly Direct from The UK

The 7th and final thing I loved about Antigua is that you can fly there direct from London. I flew from Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic but British Airways also operate regular flights. The outbound flight took around 8 hours and 45 minutes and the return flight took a straight 8 hours. Although it’s a long haul flight, there’s no hassle of a transfer. For UK travellers who live in the North like me, it might be worth travelling down to London in order to make the most of the direct flight.



Top Luxury Hotels in Antigua 

Jumby Bay

The A-Lister’s resort of choice. Jumby Bay is a Rosewood Resort and is the most highly regarded hotel on the island, or even The Caribbean. 

Curtain Bluff

Curtain Bluff is known as the island’s best inclusive resorts with 2 beaches, a spa and great restaurants, tucked away in a private paradise. 

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is a luxury 5 star resort on Antigua’s south coast. Imagine white sand and palm trees with a backdrop of emerald rainforest. 

Browse all hotels in Antigua 

The Best Budget Beach Hotel in Antigua 

Sibodey Beach Club, Dickenson Bay

Sibodey Beach Club is where I stayed during my trip to Antigua. Sibodey Beach Club offers budget accommodation on the paradise beach of beautiful Dickenson Bay. This option has everything you need for a laid-back beach break to explore the wider island and enjoy lazy days by the sea. It has a pool for guests (although no beach loungers) and a restaurant called Coconut Grove. if you need budget air-con accommodation on one of Antigua’s best beaches, Sibodey Beach Club fits the bill. Stroll a little further down the same beach and you’ll find the famous Sandal’s Grande Resort. Despite the extreme difference in price, both of these hotels share the same beach. 


What did you think of these 7 reasons to choose Antigua for a Caribbean holiday? Have you visited Antigua too or are you dreaming of going? If you enjoyed this post or think there is anything else worth mentioning about the Island, please leave me a comment in the box below. Jess x

My trip to Antigua was complimentary as part of a press trip with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. All thoughts and photos are my own.


















Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.


  • It really is such a great island! I just got back from there too! http://gotraveltipster.com/five-best-beaches-in-antigua/

  • This blog post is stunning, especially the picture of you trying on that feather piece! I actually visited Antigua with my family when I was about 7 and I still remember it now, such a gorgeous part of the world. I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’ve actually been looking for some places to visit on our honeymoon as I’m getting married next year. I’ve been looking at this Luxury Brand website called berkeleytravel.co.uk/location/caribbean/and they specialise in luxury hotels and Caribbean holidays. Have you been on a holiday or worked with them before? I’d love to know what they’re like before we book as I’m always looking for a second opinion. Thanks for sharing this blog post, I’m definitely telling the hubby we have to try Antigua together at some point! x

    • Hi Evie! Thanks for your comment. I loved getting to try on the carnival costume. Congrats on getting married! I haven’t ever worked with Berkeley Travel but I do know of them. I have worked extensively with Kuoni who have a similar luxury offering, so I would also recommend checking them out as they specialise in amazing honeymoon experiences around the world. Antigua should definitely be on your shortlist 🙂

  • Looks like an island paradise! I would love to visit one day!!

  • It’s so colourful! Your pics seriously make me want to go. Looks like an island paradise and so much fun during the carnival!

    • Thanks for your comment Ayla! Antigua is colourful at any time of year but with the Carnival it was even more vibrant! xx

  • Gorgeous photos and it sounds like an incredible place! Antigua isn’t somewhere I had considered visiting before but now I think it’s worth adding to my list. Love the idea of a different beach for each day of the year!

    • Thanks for your comment lovely! Antigua is definitely one to keep on your travel radar x

  • I’m considering Antigua for our end of year holiday and this may have swayed me! Your pictures have all looked incredible x

    • Ooh Eppie you would just love it!I It’s perfect for a winter sun destination too. Can’t think of anything better than enjoying those beaches in December x

  • Oh Jess, it looks like you had the most amazing trip! So jealous, I would love to visit one day xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • Thanks for your comment Sophie! It’s a total paradise, hope you get to visit one day! X

  • You trip to Antigua looked incredible! I loved the photos of you at the carnival!

  • Love this post Jess! I’ve been to Antigua twice, when I was seven years old, and then last year. Last year I went for 10 days and stayed at St James’ Club and then Galley Bay, and I was just blown away by how incredible Galley Bay is! I love the whole island, the people are SO friendly, the music is incredible, and the food and scenery is just brilliant! Definitely one of my fave places.

    C x

    • Thanks Catherine! Galley Bay looks amazing I would have loved chance to visit there. If I were to head back to the Caribbean and have the choice of an island it would be difficult to go anywhere other than Antigua! It’s perfectly exotic in every way x

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