How to Add Personality To Your New Home

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing my first interiors post ever since we bought our first house back in June last year. Since then we’ve been busy decorating and trying to put ‘our own stamp’ on the house, which definitely took longer than I first anticipated. Our house is only 20 years old and was more or less in mint condition when we moved in (that was part of the appeal). But whilst the house needed very little work, it still lacked a bit of character and a little bit of ‘us’. With the help of Desenio, I’ve managed to find a fun and affordable solution. This post is all about how to add personality to your new home, and includes a sneak peak of my newly designed home office. 

As a way to some character into our new home, I decided to frame and hang a collection of framed prints that meant something personal to us. For those looking to create custom designs, a poster online maker can be an excellent tool to bring unique ideas to life. All the prints I picked out resonated with me or inspired me in some way. Some trigger a happy travel memory, some encourage me to have a positive mindset and some just make me feel happy or calm.

Add Personality To Your New Home Office

Since hanging them on our walls I feel like it has added positivity into our home and a much-needed splash of colour. All of the prints are from Desenio, which is an online shop that specialises in Scandinavian-inspired posters, prints and artwork. Their curated collection of premium online posters is beautiful and covers everything from photographs, artwork and quotes to travel-inspired maps and cityscapes. Here is my selection of prints and the reasons why they personally resonated with me;

How to Add Personality To Your New Home
My Home Office

The dream of having my own office came true when bought our house, and from the off I had a vision to make it into a positive and creatively-inspiring space. It’s essentially the third bedroom and the smallest room in the house, so I didn’t want to overcomplicate the space with coloured walls or statement wallpaper. We painted the walls brilliant white and decided to let the prints and objects do the talking.

I first discovered Desenio last Summer via Frock Me I’m Famous. At that time, I used her discount code and ordered the pink palm poster and the good life poster in 50x70 so I could add something new to the office straight away. Reading the quotation in the Good Life poster definitely helps me to start the day with an appreciative and positive mindset and the palm trees remind me of a happy, tropical place.

I then recently added the pink lips poster in 30x40 and the Prada poster in 21x30 to create a gallery wall. I think the new additions add an additional feminine touch to the office and I love the clean black frames against the freshly painted white walls. I like to think that combination of prints I have chosen gives a stylish and simplistic look. That’s sort of what I was going for.

Blogger Home Office Desenio Gallery Wall
Desenio Framed Posters Prada and Lips

Add Personality To Your New Home with Desenio Framed Posters

Writing To Do List

How to Add Personality To Your New Home
Our Bedroom

As our bedroom is a shared space, it needed to feel less feminine and more (gender) neutral. We painted the back wall behind our bed a gunmetal blue and left the rest of the walls white to keep the space light and bright. Scott and I picked out these two (50x70) prints together, and decided we wanted a mixture of nature and scenery, something to make us feel calm before we sleep. We picked out the Matterhorn Mountain poster because it reminded us of the scenery we saw on our recent trip to Canada (although Matterhorn is actually in The Alps). We also both love animals and were drawn to the white tiger print for no other reason than the fact he is beautiful! With simple black frames I think the prints definitely add character to what was a very minimal bedroom.

Desenio Framed Posters in Bedroom - Add Personality To Your New Home
Add Personality To Your New Home - Desenio Framed PostersPeppermint Tea in Glass Mug

How to Add Personality To Your New Home
The Downstairs Bathroom

The final place where we decided to inject an extra bit of character with Desenio posters was our downstairs bathroom. We haven't done anything to this space since we moved in, but I do have some future DIY plans for the summer. In the mean time, adding these two maps (in 30x40) above the sink has really added a personal touch (the reason being that Scott and I met whilst we were living in London, and now we live in Leeds together). Desenio has an amazing selection of maps and cities posters and I think they are amazing way to add memories and personality to your new home, especially for travel lovers. Once framed, I also think these maps and cities posters make a great gift for those with a case of wanderlust.

Add Personality To Your New Home - Leeds and London Map Posters
Leeds and London Framed Map Posters from Desenio

Would you be interested to see more interior-style posts on The Travelista? Have you been wondering how to add personality to your new home?  I’d absolutely love your feedback so please do leave me a comment in the box below. Jess x

This blog post has been created in collaboration with Desenio. All photos and words are my own.

Jessica Ruth Gibson is the Founder and Editor of Travelista and an award-winning travel content creator of 10 years. She lives in York, UK with her son and has travelled to over 50 countries; her favourites being Italy, Canada and Vietnam.


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