Here are the most common questions I get asked by my readers. If you have another burning question that I haven’t answered please comment on this page and I will add it on for you!

Q. Are you a full time blogger?

A. Yes. I am self employed and split my time between blogging and social media consultancy. I used to do my social media work through an agency, but in July 2016 I recently left that agency to manage my own clients directly. All of my social media clients are in the realm of luxury travel and I write strategies, create blog content, offer consultancy, run workshops and masterclasses and also oversee community management. It feels great to be 100% in control of my time and my workload.

Q. How do you get to travel so often?

A. I collaborate with lots of different brands and these collaborations often involve sending me away to a certain location around the world, mostly to experience a product or destination for myself. For traditional print media, these have always been called ‘press trips’, but blogger trips often involve much more than writing an article at the end. I am fully aware of how incredible my opportunities are and feel lucky for it every day 🙂

Q. How did you get into travel writing professionally? 

A. You can read the story of How I Got into Travel Blogging right here. It’s a pretty cool story. I recently wrote a ‘part 2′ career post, ‘How Travel Blogging Has Changed My Life‘. Make sure you read both for the full story.

Q. Do you earn money from your blog?

A. Yes, mostly by working directly with brands, as they pay me to create unique and native content on my blog that features their products or services. I would never feature a brand that I hadn’t experienced for myself and genuinely love. There are also different revenue streams for my blog through affiliate networks, advertising and consultancy.


Q. Why did you choose to call your blog ‘The Travelista’ ?

A. I chose to call my blog The Travelista to create the identity of a glamorous and jet-setting female that other travel-loving and ambitious ladies would aspire to be like.  It also injects new life into the overused term ‘fashionista’, suggesting that women can be just as savvy up about travel as they can fashion. I enjoy shopping as much as the next girl, but I’d take countries over clothes any day, which is why I am The Travelista.

Q. What are your top tips for getting into travel blogging?

A. I’ve got 10 top tips to offer people interested in setting up their own travel blog, but they also apply to all blogs in general too. I wrote about them here . I love to share blogging advice to aspiring bloggers, so make sure you browse through my Advice Posts

Q. Where have you travelled to recently and where are you going next?

A. In 2015 I took 12 trips in 12 months. You can read all about them here in my 2015 travel round up. My travel schedule for 2016 was as follows;

January – Bali
February – Lisbon
March – Dublin, Cyprus
April – Guatemala and Belize
May – Greece, Kefalonia
June – Ischia and Amalfi, Italy
July – Almunecar, Spain
August – Mauritius
September – Vietnam
October – The Philippines
November – Sri Lanka

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