My Dive and Dine Experience at The Four Seasons Nevis Part 2 – The Ultimate Caribbean Beach Barbecue

After an unforgettable morning of scuba diving where I hand-caught a 10lb Caribbean Spiny Lobster (read all about it in my Part 1 Post), I had worked up quite an appetite. Part 2 of my Dive and Dine experience was to have our freshly caught seafood cooked in front of us by Chef Kai at a private beach-front BBQ – an incredible (and rather surreal) experience I will never forget.

The lunch setting and BBQ was prepared perfectly by the time we arrived at 1pm. After a quick shower to de-sea salt myself, we wandered down to our private beach cabana. Kai was there to greet us and explained that the menu to us and that he would do a little demonstration for us as he cooked. Both being foodies, Nik and I were fascinated and took an avid interest. We watched Kai at work as we sipped a celebratory glass of wine. I slowly felt the adrenaline from the morning of diving ooze out of me.


One fantastic element about this part of the Dine and Dine Package at the Four Seasons Nevis is that Kai creates the menu depending entirely on what is caught that day. Based on our catch of Lion Fish and Lobster, he decided to create a Lion Fish ceviche for starters and the Lobster for the main course. With a whole 10lb of lobster to get through, we skipped the dessert.


Not being a huge fan of raw fish, I was a bit unsure about the prospect of the ceviche at first, but Kai explained that the lemon juice the fish sits in actually cooks the meat. The Lion Fish is a white fish that was pre-chopped into small chunks. He left it in the lemon juice a little longer than usual for me and served the fish with a delicious Peruvian-inspired blend of sweetcorn, onions and herbs with a plantain crisp on the side. It was strange to think we could eat the meat of a poisonous fish 100% safely as the venom is in the fins. The flavours were so tropical and refreshing and combined with the Lion Fish and it was absolutely delicious.

Our private beach cabana where the BBQ took place looked straight on to the beach and came complete with sun loungers to relax on after lunch

Our private beach cabana where the BBQ took place looked straight on to the beach and came complete with sun loungers to relax on after lunch

After our starters it was time for the main event, the lobster! Kai had also prepared the majority of the lobster meat which he had marinating in herbs and oils on the side. He chopped the huge lobster shell in half and put both halves on the BBQ. I have to admit that seeing the huge lobster now dead and on the BBQ was totally surreal having seen it alive in the ocean just a couple of hours ago. You can’t get fresher than that!


The succulent lobster meat was served inside the lobster shell with a huge helping of refried Caribbean rice, guacamole and mango chilli. As a huge ‘condiment fan’ I was in my element! The flavours blended effortlessly and I took the lobster meat out of the shell to eat it and mixed it with lashings of the mango salsa, which I became obsessed with throughout the trip!

I was absolutely blown away by my Dive and Dive experience with the Four Seasons Nevis. I would strongly recommend it to anyone staying at the resort that is PADI Certified and looking to do something a little more adventurous during their time on the island. The package comes with a reasonably high price tag, but considering how much is included and the unforgettable memories that come guaranteed, it’s worth every penny.

What did you think of my Dive & Dine experience? Make sure you read Part 1 to read about my diving story and see the video of me catching the lobster! If you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment in the box below, I love hearing from you! 

Disclaimer: The Dive and Dine experience was offered to me complimentary as part of my press trip itinerary


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  1. 7th October 2014 / 9:07 pm

    Oh goodness, I am so jealous … that meal looks amazing!! And the Four Seasons sounds divine as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!