Caribbean Dreaming: The Island of Nevis

My 2014 travel schedule is shaping up nicely. With Skiing in Tignes and Easter in Rome in the bag, I’m looking forward to Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, followed by Ibiza, LA and Istanbul. But yesterday a new destination landed as a potential in my 2014 travel schedule, which comes in the form of the Caribbean island of Nevis. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, neither had I until a few weeks ago.


Nevis is a small Caribbean island next to the island of St Kitts. Unlike it’s overdeveloped and internationally known big brother Barbados, Nevis remains totally undiscovered to many, especially the Brits. This morning I had the pleasure of an early breakfast meeting at London hotspot Cecconi’s with the General Manager of The Four Seasons Nevis, Sven Wiedenhaupt. Sven painted the most amazing picture of both the Island and the resort, and quite possibly has the best job in the world? It’s safe to say I now have serious wanderlust.

I absolutely love learning about corners of the world that I never knew about, which is why I adored my press trip to the secret Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. Being the travel geek that I am, I couldn’t wait to ask all about the Island and the resort. A trip to Four Seasons Nevis would combine both of my passions, exploration and Luxury travel. Sven told me that Nevis is a Volcanic island, so has expansive green and lush landscapes that are perfect for hiking through. I’d definitely keep active and try my hand at a few volcano treks. It also has 4 waterfalls, how’s that for paradise?

The Four Season Resort is the ONLY fully functioning resort on the whole Island, and it was great to hear that it fully supports the Nevis economy by being the biggest employer on the Island. Within close proximity to the US, around 80% of the tourists are predominantly American, but it’s actually easily accessible from the UK too. An 8hr flight takes you to into Antigua then after a short 1hr stop over, you’re in St Kitts. You’re then whisked off to Nevis by boat, to land on the private shores of the Four Seasons Resort. Simples!

With not a high-rise block in sight and traditional Caribbean architecture throughout, The Four Seasons Nevis maintains an ambience of real Island culture. Combined with 4 gorgeous restaurants, an idyllic spa and a killer golf course, The Four Seasons Nevis sounds like a real hidden gem that I cannot wait to discover.

Have you visited the Island of Nevis or are thinking of going? Or perhaps you’ve never heard of it and now want to visit like me! If you’ve enjoyed this post, please leave a comment in the box below x

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