My GoPro Skiing Adventure in Tignes

Last month my sister and I were lucky enough to jet off to the French Alps for a week of fun on the piste. My sister is an amazing off piste snowboarder and got her hands on a GoPro camera to capture all the action of our trip. (f you haven’t heard about GoPro cameras, come out from behind the rock you’ve been hiding under for the past 6 months and read on!). GoPro cameras allow you to capture action video shots from an incredible new perspective by attaching the camera to your body or helmet. You can also film yourself at a distance by using this cool ‘selfie pole’ (not sure that’s the official term but I like it).

Obviously being a travel blogger, the GoPro camera was a perfect opportunity to capture our trip from a completely new perspective, so we worked together to get enough footage for us to put together a montage experience video of our trip. Also featuring in the video is Sally, Alanna’s friend and an incredible skier. She’s the one in the jazzy ski trousers. I’m the one in the white jacket and brown trousers looking a little more novice on the slopes. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere! So make sure you check out the awesome video below and read my full blog post on the trip here¬†Skiing in Tignes, From Snow Plough to Snow Pro. God bless the GoPro!

What did you think of my first GoPro video? Comment in the box below and let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.