The Greek Sailing Diaries: Part 2

This post is Part 2 of the diary I kept during my week of sailing around the Greek Islands. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to read The Greek Sailing Diaries Part 1. As there was no Wi-Fi on the yacht, I wrote it all by hand. I’m so used to blogging on my laptop, I found it so refreshing to put pen to paper and physically write down my thoughts.  Here’s what I got up to in Part 2 of my week…


Morning briefing at Paleros Yacht Club

Day 3: Paleros to Kalemos

 Today was our best day of sailing yet! We had some fantastic wind on the approach to Kalemos and managed to stay on a direct course into the harbour, reaching a whopping 8 knots! It was also today that we found the bluest bay I have ever seen for our lunch time mooring. We dropped anchor and dived into the sea. It was so warm, so blue, so clear. It was like I was looking through a instagram filter! Just bliss.

The island of Kalemos is totally charming. With a few restaurants scattered along the marina, it is very primitive and basic. That’s what I love about turning up in a different place every night. You get to see such a different side to Greece. I ordered a delicious white snapper in Georges Restaurant on the marina and afterwards indulged in a Pina Colada in a leafy cocktail bar on the sea front.


Alanna and I in Kalamos Marina after finding blissful showers on dry land!

Alanna and I in Kalamos Marina after finding blissful showers on dry land!

Day 4: Kalemos to Frikes

 We have now arrived in Frikes, on the well-known island of Ithaca. This is definitely my favourite place so far! Frikes is another small harbour village but with bags of character and friendly locals. After all the yachts were in harbour and a dip in the (jelly fish infested!) sea, we met our lead crew and fellow flotilla members in Fiorendinos bar for some refreshing mojitos!

Dinner followed at Remenntzos restaurant which served the best food I had all week. From the outside it looks like your average Greek tavern, but once I began to read the menu I knew this place was special! Serving modern twists on Greek and Mediterranean classics, it set itself apart from all the competing restaurants in Frikes. I ordered tasty hummus to start followed by a crispy falafel wrap for mains. The whole thing was a gastronomic experience, and the whole flotilla agreed!


Day 5: Frikes to Spartahori

 Last night turned into a bit of a wild night as everyone headed back to Fiorendinos. Ran by Greek-Aussies, the owners were more than keen for us to let our hair down. We returned there after dinner and were partying til the early hours! Today we had a relatively easy crossing over to our final stop of the week, Spartahori. I vaguely remembered visiting this place as a little girl and it was so great to see that it hadn’t changed a bit! The town of Spartahori is a steep 20-minute uphill climb from the marina, but so worth it. With steep cobbled streets and traditional Greek houses and stunning views over the Ionian islands, Spartahori is a little piece of heaven. Early night for me tonight!


The whole flotilla of yachts together on our final night in Spartahori

The whole flotilla of yachts together on our final night in Spartahori

Day 6: Spartahori to Nidri

 I can’t believe it! Today is our last sailing. We’re heading back to where it all began in Nidri and will be sleeping on the boats tonight before catching our flight back to the UK tomorrow. What a week it has been! I’ve seen so many places, eaten so many delicious things and met some great people. Thank god I wrote it all down! Today I have reflected on the beauty of being able to switch off and leave the real world behind. At the end of my week I am feeling happy, hot (!) and very relaxed. I’ve really enjoyed keeping this diary as it has reminded me that sometimes it’s good to cut off from the world of technology. I am truly fortunate to have had this experience and will be returning to the UK tomorrow a very happy Travelista!

My week on the Neilson Southern Ionian Flotilla was absolutely fantastic. Thank you to Andy, Kelly and JB for organising a brilliant week. I can’t wait to get back on board a yacht and travel more of the world in this unique and exciting way!

 Have you sailed around Greece, been on a flotilla, holidayed with Neilson? Or perhaps you have some questions about my trip? Leave a comment in the box below! I’d love to hear from you x