Review: Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives

Not one to frequently find herself in the lap of exotic luxury, Guest Blogger Sophie Stewart couldn’t believe her luck when she was told she would be jetting off to the Maldives to celebrate her Mum’s 50th birthday earlier this year. Swapping her high flying London job for a week of pure relaxation at the 5* Moofushi Island Resort in The Maldives, she caught her week on camera and retells her travel story exclusively for The Travelista…

We flew from Gatwick via Dubai to Male, which is, in essence, the Capital of the almost 1200 tiny islands that make up the Maldives. From Male we had to get on a sea plane which was an experience in itself! With all the ‘air taxis’ lined up like a cab rank, we hopped in and off we went to the island. The air taxi was about a 30 minute plane ride And as we boarded the plane, the pilot turned around and said ‘everyone – there is a safety card in the back of the seat in front. You can either read it or use it as a fan!’ – much to all of our amusement.

The sea-taxi coming in to land

The air-taxi coming in to land

We arrived after sunset which was a shame, but we still got to explore the island a bit. With 2 beach villas and a water villa between us, all of the rooms were beautifully decorated with amazing feature pieces, as well as a huge Mac mounted on the wall with pre-loaded films and music. I actually preferred the beach villas, as the water villas were quite a walk to get to, and the setup wasn’t as good, although the views were idyllic.

The walk way to Moofushi's water villas

The walk way to Moofushi’s water villas

The food was incredible and all inclusive. Every night there was a huge themed buffet which had an enormous selection of food. With chefs stood at different stations, cooking succulent seafood to order, you could help yourself to as much as you wanted. The beautifully crafted desserts and great selection of cheese followed.

The island also had an a la carte restaurant, which you had to book a few days in advance. Every guest at The Moofushi Resort receives a voucher for this on arrival (one for every week you stay). So we booked ours in early, eagerly anticipating the lobster we had been told about. The tables were set up on the beach, with candles to set the mood. The whole thing made for a gorgeous dining experience.

A candlelit family dinner on the beach was

A candlelit family dinner on the beach for the highly anticipated lobster

The resort offers daily excursions snorkelling, diving and swimming with manta rays. I went snorkelling just off the beach and I didn’t have to go far to see some amazingly tropical marine life. There are some very unusual fish to be seen! The manta ray swimming was an unforgettable experience, and I definitely regret not trying the diving.

Stunning marine life could be found by snorkeling straight off the crystal clear beach

Stunning marine life could be found by snorkeling straight off the crystal clear beach

As well as the daily trips, there was evening entertainment as well. There is a weekly management cocktail meeting on the beach where there are plenty of drinks, music and even shiatsu massages to keep you entertained as the sun goes down. However the most memorable evening for me was as we walked back to the huts from our yoga session. We spotted a table out in the water with a few people stood around it. We decided to wade out and see what was going on, and it turned out to be a wine-tasting experience in knee-deep water, while eating nibbles and watching the sunset. Never one to miss a good glass of wine, we immediately joined in! It was absolute bliss.

Sophie's most memorable moment - wine tasting in the ocean

Sophie’s most memorable moment – wine tasting in the ocean

The spa gets booked up quickly, so it’s a good idea to book as soon as you arrive. For a massage experience like no other, try one of the Moofushi massages, where you look down on to a minature reef and the masseuse even climb onto the massage beds to ensure the pressure is just right.

Pit stop massages on the beach provided the perfect evening wind down

For an extra treat – Pit stop massages on the beach provided the perfect evening wind down

The staff were exceptional. They were all so polite and friendly, and the hotel was obviously managed to a very high standard. We took a trip around the ‘back’ of the island to see how the island is almost self-sufficient. They just have one food delivery and waste pick-up per week, but apart from that they have all their own generators, water filter systems, carpenters and waste management. It was fascinating to see this side of the island.

In the evenings the bar area got quite lively, but not really noisy. It was very amusing to relax with cocktails and a shisha, and watch some of the other guests dancing, as well as getting involved ourselves!
Overall it was an absolutely unforgettable week. We really couldn’t have asked for anything closer to perfection; an amazing resort with great people and the ultimate place to relax. I would give anything to go back!

'Take me back!'

‘Take me back!’

What did you think of Sophie’s guest post? Have you visited Moofushi Island Resort in the Maldives? Let me know in the box below! 

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